Vasek & Lot litter – summer 2019



2 males – 5 days old

After a C-section Lot gave us 4 males and 3 females (26th August 2019)

2 days

Lot 8 weeks! Full belly!

Adey May’s Sweet Dreams

22nd July – Ultrasound Lot – YES!!!! – We expect the pups round 21st August 2019

Vasek & Lot mated 22nd and 23rd June so now the waiting starts!

We are planning a litter with Adey May’s Sweet Dreams/Lot this year! She will be in season in June 2019!
Info about Lot – see page – our Females

Spinnaker-Flinthills (Vasek)

Hips A, Elbows free, Eyes clear 2019, PRA N/N, Coatlenght LL (short), DM N/N, EIC N/N


Workingtests for more info and pictures

Vasek 1 Excellent CAC/CACIB/BOB

14,740 totaal aantal vertoningen, 3 aantal vertoningen vandaag