Hope to have a litter in August 2019 with Adey May’s Sweet Dreams/Lot
Info about Lot – see page – Our Females

New puppy-owners must offer their chesapeake a life which cope with the inbred desire to work.

We had our last litter in April 2018   Mucho & Ziva

It was a repeat breeding from november 2014

CH Sedgegrass Fire Rocket, WD, WDX & CH Adey May’s Barbara Ann, Hunting B level

Health clearances: Mucho HD A, Elbows free, Eyes clear, PRA normal, DM and EIC free
Ziva HD A, Elbows free, Eyes clear 2018, PRA carrier, DM and EIC free

pedigree Ziva

health Ziva
PRA Ziva
DM Ziva
EIC Ziva
yearly eyecheck

Curious about Mucho? (click below on his name)

The pedigree will be the same as the one from Eve and Lot who will be fullsisters from an earlier litter.

Eve pedigree

Adey May’s Sweet Dreams & Adey May’s Girl Like Mine
Eve & Lot 3 years

CH Adey May’s Sweet Dreams (Lot)

Eve 4 months

Ch Adey May’s Girl Like Mine (Eve)

CH Adey May’s Girl Like Mine/Eve

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