Mucho & Ziva litter – April 2018

Roch 6 months
Sep (left) and Cara (right) 6 months

Adey May’s Against All Odds/Roch
9 weeks/10 kilo


Male Orange/Roch 8,5 weeks



Shopping with Male Orange – Roch
Female Yellow – Sue


Male Bleu 7 weeks
Female Yellow, 7 weeks
Female green, 7 weeks
Male orange 7 weeks



Female yellow
Female yellow
Male Blue
Male blue nearly 7 weeks
Female yellow nearly 7 weeks






5 weeks first retrieve
male orange
pup Yellow
first retrieve 5 weeks



MVI_2132 28th May 2018

21st May 2018


20th May 2018
New bed for the pups
14th May 2018


12th May 2018 – 16 day’s



30th April 2018


6th May 2018
30th April   Ziva got visitors from the girls where she normally lives








26th April 2018 Pups arrived!!!!

3 males and 2 females (females ribbon green and yellow)

Mom Ziva is a perfect mother for her puppies! Enjoy the pictures!

25th April 2018     Ziva enjoys her freedom!

23rd April 2018    No puppies yet. Ziva has all the time of the world

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