Adey May’s Chesapeakes wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year





Adey May’s Girl Like Mine/Eve passed tracking F 500 meters – 4th December 2018


Totally unexpected and almost hard to believe. Adey May’s Lovely Rita/Jet went over the Rainbow Bridge because of an internal bleeding.
As my husband’s favorite hunting dog ever she will be truly missed.
Jet gave us 2 nice litters so we will remember her in her offspring.
3-11-2007 – 6-11-2018 R.I.P. Jet

CH Adey May’s Lovely Rita WD / Jet


End October 2018 Photoshoot Eve & Lot – Pet-Portrait/Sanne v.d. Berg







3rd October 2018 – Ultrasound Adey May’s Girl Like Mine (Eve): no pups! We will visit Yogi again as soon as Eve will come in season next spring 2019!

SJP Huntingtest – 9th September 2018 – Oostvoorne
Finally Lot got her SJP-C huntingcertificate and 1st place !!!!!!

Adey May’s Sweet Dreams/Lot



Nice weekend with Eve in Luxembourg

Adey May’s Girl Like Mine/Eve – Retriever Dogshow Luxembourg – 21st July 2018 – BOB


CH Adey May’s Girl Like Mine/Eve

After 9 weeks Ziva went home with her daughter Cara
16th June 2018

Ziva and her daughter Cara

Adey May’s Barbara Ann/Ziva had her 2nd and last litter at Adey May’s kennel


R.I.P. Wild Mountain Suisun/Sue
Imp. U.S.A.
22-04-2002 – 9-06-2018







Ziva finally delivered her pups. 3 males and 2 females, big pups with beautifull coats. Ziva is busy with feeding and cleaning and is a perfect mom. 26th April 2018
More pictures on the Mucho & Ziva litter page. All pups are spoken for!



CH Adey May's Sweet Dreams/Lot
© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven




22th April 2018

CH Adey May’s Sweet Dreams (Lot) finished her International Championship CIE in Antwerp, Belgium with 1 Excl./CAC/CACIB/BOB

Wild Mountain Suisun/Sue 22 April 2018 16th Birthday!!!!!!!!

Wild Mountain Suisun (Sue) celebrating her 16th birthday
Sue is out of Wild Mountain Deal with the Devil & Muddy Waters Princess Pantera born in Connecticut
22th April 2002


Adey May’s Barbara Ann (Ziva) is home to have her litter (from Mucho). Her daughter Eve (3,5 years) is staying in Oss, where Ziva normally lives, to entertain the family with her smiling!
More news about the upcoming litter you can find on the Mucho & Ziva litter page. 17th April 2018

Ziva 8 weeks


Easter 1st April 2018 – Adey May’s Sweet Dreams/Lot finished her Dutch Championship – Goes – The Netherlands
Lot is the 5th out of the 2014 Mucho/Ziva litter with Huntingcertificates and Showtitles!!!!


Today 20 March we went for the untrasound and we got a YES!
We expect the pups end of April (more info about Mucho & Ziva on the litterpage)

CH Sedgegrass Fire Rocket, WD, WDX (Mucho)


CH Adey May’s Barbara Ann (Ziva)


Mucho & Ziva








Adey May’s Sweet Dreams/Lot







Lot got her first Hunting C-certificate with 44 points
18-3-2018 – Clubdiplomadag Spaarnwoude
Golden Retriever Club Nederland

18-Mrt CD Spaarnwoude




CH Adey May’s California Dreaming/Kate

R.I.P. 5-09-2006 – 15-02-2018
Kate suffered to DM.
Thanks to the genetic tests nowadays none of our other dogs will suffer from this disease.


Brussels Dogshow – Adey May’s Girl Like Mine – Eve
1 Excellent/CAC/CACIB/BOB
CACIB’s Dortmund, several Belgium and Dutch make her definitive
International Champion – so proud of my girl

Eve International Champion



Adey May’s Sweet Dreams




Lot was at the World Dog Show in Leipzig where she got an Excellent. 9th November 2017






Eve did it !!!!! 6 SJP Hunting – B – certificates in a row !!!!!! season 2017
1st Arnemuiden, 2nd Delft, 3rd Strijen, 4th Vessem, 5th Zwiep, 6th Renoy




Papa Mucho was in Zeeland – Netherlands – end of October 2017 for a meet and greet with his daughters Eve and Lot

meet and greet

Eve and her fullsister Jesse got both their Dutch Champion title and SJP-B-Huntingcertificates in 2017

© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven


© KYNOWEB – – Photo by Ernst von Scheven








Lot was invited for the dog of the year show – 15th January 2017

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