Our Males

Adey May’s In the Air Tonight/Sep


Sep aug.2019

Sep’s first working certificate!


First show: Junior Class, 1 Excellent, CAC, BOB

Goes – Netherlands 21st April 2019

Sep 8 months


Adey May’s In the Air Tonight/Sep is growing up nicely and learning fast. Happy to see him doing so well. Click on the picture to enlarge.



Adey May’s In the Air Tonight (Sep)

CH Sedgegrass Fire Rocket WD, WDX & CH Adey May’s Barbara Ann

  • Born 26-04-2018
  • DM/EIC free by parentage
  • HD A
  • Elbows free
  • Eyes ECVO clear  – 14th May 2019
  • Longhair carrier
  • PRA N/N
  • ED-SFS N/N

Sep lives with friends




Adey May’s Tears in the Morning (Tim)

He is one of Ton’s hunting dogs and our special house-keeper!
Sorry not a studdog

Tim does were he is bred for!


11th December 2018

Tim 6th April 2019

4,376 totaal aantal vertoningen, 2 aantal vertoningen vandaag